Got leaves and branches?

or twigs or trunks or palms or lumber?
Dump green waste here!

Green Waste Disposal in Los Angeles

We are conveniently located in Central Los Angeles,
just minutes from the Westside, Downtown LA and the South Bay.
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Green waste disposal and recycling

We accept and recycle truckloads of leaves, branches, stumps, palms, trunks, clean lumber, compost and just about any clean green waste!

Tree trimming disposal

  • Tree shreds
  • Plants and weeds
  • Branches and trunks
  • Stumps
  • Palm fronds. trunks and stumps

Construction site cleanup

  • Clean lumber
  • All types of wood
  • Mulch and compost
  • Palm trees and yucca
  • Cactus and ice plant

We charge by truck size

Only pay for what you dump!

pickup truck sized loads

Small pickups

High side truck loads

Stake beds

Semi truck loads

Semis, high sides and roll offs

We don't accept trash, electronic waste, oil, industrial waste

Take these to your city dump, e-waste recycling center or hazardous waste disposal site!

Cubic feet of green waste saved from Los Angeles land fills

Every day I save hours of time otherwise spent in mid-day traffic and I don’t have to pay high dump fees. It’s a win-win situation! Oscar Rosas

Rosas Tree Trimming


Mon – Sat 6:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sun 6:00 am – 2:00 pm

Contact us

Evergreen Recycling

8700 Crocker Street
Los Angeles, CA 90003

(323) 750-8405